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"Being a web designer has offered me the opportunity to learn how aesthetic design, marketing strategy and technology influence consumer decisions. By leveraging my hunger for learning, my desire for variety and my passion to help others succeed, this career path became an absolute no-brainer!" - Robbie

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Before becoming a web designer, I was working in various customer service and sales roles. Once I decided to pursue a new career path in web design in late 2014. I began taking online courses and started freelancing for close friends to develop my skills but realized I needed to learn more. I decided to pursue a six month certification program focused on graphic design and web design using Adobe Creative Suite software programs.Don't forget to follow my blog so that you can stay in the loop with all the latest news, updates and progress.

My Hobbies
That Boost My Productivity
  • Fitness

    I enjoy rebounding, hiking, jogging, riding bicycles and more. It's important for me to break my own personal best record, even if it's just by a little bit. To me, that is the key to optimal growth.

  • Volunteering

    From coordinating volunteer projects as a team leader to serving underserved population groups - New York Cares allows me to build critical management skills while serving others, unreservedly.

  • Learning

    Staying up to date with the latest technology and trends is a requirement for this ultra fast-paced profession. I love the challenge of it all and this is only the tip of the iceberg... What an Adrenaline Rush!

  • Music

    There's nothing like listening to a song that resonates with exactly how you're feeling in any given moment. In that way, music can fill our deepest human need - to be understood. Gotta Love Youtube!


It Doesn't Get More Official Than This

I'm proud of my past accomplishments as they have led me to become who I am today. Though, I'm even more excited for the future as a result.

Adobe Graphic Design and Digital Web Design Certificate
  • Pace University
  • New York, New York

Obtained a continuing education certificate in Adobe Creative Suite software programs under the supervision of certified experts.

Bachelors of Arts in Interpersonal Communications
  • William Paterson University
  • Wayne, New Jersey

Special Achievements:Deans List, January 2012 Lambda Pi Eta, National Communication Association 2013

Senior Web Design Wizard
  • Remote

I was responsible for troubleshooting WordPress technical issues when problems arose and for creating new projects. I was rapidly promoted to the Senior Web Designer position to hire new staff, guide and supervise junior interns to ensure all assigned projects were completed on time.

Freelance Web Designer
  • Self-Employed
  • Greater New York City Area

Founded my own business to help clients effectively brand and market themselves online. I am constantly upgrading my knowledge and skills to accelerate customer satisfaction. In addition, staying up to date with the latest trends such as Mobile, SEO and many others remain a top priority.


Level Of Proficiency

This is where the fun never stops as I love experiencing endless"A Ha" moments.

Training Consultations
Time Management
Strategic Planning
Customer Service
Public Speaking
Search Engine Optimization
Photo Retouching
Graphic Design
Web Design


What My Clients Receive

Although my specialty is in web design, I also can design for print.

Website Design

Get a mobile-friendly website that allows you to have high quality targeted traffic visit you and lets you engage and interact with your audience seamlessly through blogging and social media. Set yourself up for success!

Work Process
Pretty Straight Forward, Right?
Assess Your Needs
Select The Right Tools For The Job
Create Initial Draft
Make Adjustments Until Satisfied
Start Building
Publish Your Site Live!
Here's How To Stay In The Loop
Learn About New Web Design Trends And How You Can Grow Your Business By Leveraging Them!
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The bamboo is a symbol of spontaneous growth. A bamboo can stay one size for many years and then expand suddenly, making quantum leaps in their growth. This is also symbolic of our unlimited human potential.










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Official Business Card
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How To Choose The Right Colors For Your Self-Help Business

Colors Can Turn Your Audience On or Put Them Off

When building a website for your self-help business, it is important to choose your colors with care. Just as you would with your favorite perfume or cologne.

Simple Guidelines To Follow

•Pick to 3 to 5 colors as you plan your website’s design.

•If you feel overwhelmed with the number of choices you have initially, don’t worry – stick to white for the background and black for the text.

Use Your Logo As A Guide

If you have a logo that you have created or has been designed for you, then this can be a great starting point for you, it’s best to stick with that color scheme so that you have a consistent look. However, be sure that your logo’s colors are portraying the right tone that you want your audience to feel when visiting your website.

How Colors Affect Your Mood

When using colors on logos or websites, know that they can be used to intentionally or unintentionally evoke a variety of emotions. For example, there are colors that can make you feel at ease or passionate or somewhere in-between. Let’s examine these different types of colors and the types of feelings that they can manifest further:

Cool Colors

Green –  tranquility, materialistic, freshness

Brand Examples: Starbucks, bp

Purple – royalty, luxury, spiritual, sophistication, enchanting, majestic

Brand Examples: Cadbury, Disney Channel

Blue – trust, loyalty, security, authority

Brand Examples: NYPD, CHASE

Neutral Colors

Brown – grounded, stability

Brand Examples: UPS

Black – seriousness, distinctiveness, classy, seductive

Brand Examples: Chanel, Polo Ralph Lauren, Even Batman!

Grey – practicality, corporate feel, professional

Brand Examples: Dove for Men, Nissan, Samsung 

White – cleanliness, purity, truthfulness

Brand Examples: Virgin, ZenDesk

Warm Colors

Red – passion, strength, aggression, ambition, alertness

Brand Examples: Red Bull, CNN

Pink – innocence, feminine, softness, inviting

Brand Examples: Victoria’s Secret

Orange – Fun, warm, cheerfulness

Brand Examples: Sunkist, Nikelodeon, Fanta

Yellow – Positive Thinking, Sunshine

Brand Examples: McDonalds, Days Inn

As you can tell, colors can influence your brand’s perception on an unconscious level. Now that you have an idea about the colors you want to use along with their psychological associations, let’s move onto blending colors together.

Please Note: How you use the colors in conjunction with your typography that can also impact how your brand is perceived. Think Coca-Cola. It has a red background but a inviting typeface. In this example, coca-cola is using the color red to draw attention and the typeface creates a playful tone to it. Hence their recent tagline, “Open Happiness.”

Selecting Your Color Scheme Combinations

Monochromatic – these color combinations are used with one particular color, allowing you to choose from varying degrees of lightness to create a look that is easy on the eyes. However, it is not useful if you are trying to draw attention to important elements on your website.

Analogous – this color scheme emphasizes the use one dominant color and the rest of the colors, while unrelated are designed to make an aesthetically appealing combination. An example of these colors would be combining blues and purples or reds and oranges.

Complementary – this is a winning combination for colors that are opposites, such as warm and cool colors. For example, red with green or blue. It is best used when choosing a dominant color and then using contrasting colors to highlight certain elements (unlike monochromatic colors.)

Helpful Tools

Adobe Kuler – is a free tool that allows you to play around with this knowledge so that you can see these color scheme combinations in action. Have fun with it!

I Need Professional Help – Don’t have the time to do it all by yourself? I understand. Many business owners just like you don’t have the time to do it on their own as they are already wearing multiple hats. Please visit my website and send me a message to get started on your next branding project.

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Free Website Design Software – Is It Worth It?

Free Website Design Software Blog Post ImageThe Great Debate

Are you a business owner or independent professional deciding between using free website design software programs to save money versus paying a professional to design a website for you? This article may shed light as to helping you choose the best direction for your unique situation; consider these ideas:

Be Prepared to Invest Your Time

If you have the time to do everything yourself, then more power to you. However, building a website is just like building a house and it take can take a lot longer to get everything right, without being prepared. One of the common mistakes business owners face when creating a website is failing to plan their website design. Many business owners eagerly start investing countless hours into their design without having the right foundation, resulting in increased stress and frustration when the design does not come out, as they had initially imagined.

Perception Is Reality

When using free website design software programs, you have the convenience of using templates to project the image you are trying to portray. However, you also run the risk of looking like everyone else out there who is using that exact same template to represent their businesses or interests.  Moreover, you may be the best and most qualified person to solve a particular problem in your niche but guess what? If your competition has a better looking design, are offering similar solutions at competitive rates, you have to be ready to accept the hard truth; that customer will more than likely choose the other guy.

Analyze Your Competition

When was the last time you analyzed your competition on the internet? How many competing businesses did you find and how did they present themselves? Ask yourself if they used free website design software programs to develop their websites. If your competition is using free website design software to promote themselves, you already would have a competitive advantage over them by paying a professional and let’s look at the other scenario as well. Let’s say they did not use free website design software programs but used a professional instead, then wouldn’t it make sense to hire a professional as well?

Not All Web Designers Are Created Equal

When hiring a professional web designer, interview as many as you can. Take a look at their portfolio. Check their references as well. Rather than investing time in learning how to design a website using free website design software programs, you can learn a lot from the professionals who are doing the designing. You may even see new value in their profession, as you come to realize there’s a lot more to design – than what meets the eye.

Alternatively, be sure to check out my website by clicking here to see what services I can help you with.

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